About Us

Versarien Technologies Ltd delivers thermal management solutions by focusing on the specific design parameters in high performance heat transfer applications and by exploiting its knowledge of advanced and new materials.

Versarien Technologies provides a range of standard and customer specific thermal products. These primarily include VersarienCuâ„¢, our patented porous metal foam technology but we also have a range hi tech aluminium heat sinks.

Founded in 2010 and based in the Forest of Dean, England, Versarien Technologies Limited is part of the AIM-listed Versarien group of advanced materials companies. This includes 2-DTech (graphene), Total Carbide (tungsten carbide) and DV Composites (composite cutting tools).

The Markets We Serve

VTL’s practical approach moves customer projects effectively from concept to production. We manufacture custom and off the shelf thermal management solutions for industry sectors including;

VersarienCuâ„¢, our core technology

Versarien Technologies enables engineering exploitation of its thermal management solutions in advanced materials such as copper foam. We hold the exclusive rights to a patent-protected process for creating microporous copper foam developed at the University of Liverpool. This has applications including, but not limited to copper foam heat sinks, air cooled, liquid cooled and passively cooled and in single and two phase products. For more information on our products.

Partnership Working

Versarien Technologies has development teams in thermal design, materials and engineering working on a range of projects. These include:

  • Jointly-funded projects with Innovate-UK to develop CPU coolers; IGBT plates and integrated coolers; flow battery technology; complex heat sinks for electronic devices; and domestic air source heat applications.
  • Client specific development projects in automotive, HEV, medical, office enterprise, consumer electronics, aerospace and broadcast.
  • Generic thermal management products applying the benefits of copper foam technology within our standard range of products.

By acting as a true partner, we are able to understand the specific thermal management needs by asking the right questions; devising solutions to meet your demands and packageconstraints effectively. While our goal is to bring foam-based technology to the forefront of thermal management, we remain objective and exhaustively test any development. Please either contact us or read more on our approach.