Defence & Aerospace

Thermal management is becoming an increasingly important and challenging aspect for today’s designers of defence and aerospace equipment.

The harsh operating conditions and demanding environments coupled with increased power densities of electronics require novel and often complex thermal management solutions. Such solutions need to effectively balance the conduction, convection and radiation challenges within specified size and weight criteria.

Passive Thermal Management Solutions for Defence

Many aerospace and defence applications require passive thermal management techniques due to their high reliability requirements. VersarienCuâ„¢ has unique natural convection and emissivity properties that favour passive cooling to ensure its effective deployment in these environments.

VersarienCu™’s low density, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding properties and high thermal conductivity gives designers greater options and flexibility in their designs from the component to complete system level.

Our Approach to Defence and Aerospace Solutions

Versarien Technologies has a dedicated team of thermal management specialists, material scientists and mechanical engineers developing custom solutions to these complex problems based on a range of internal and external test facilities.

Our team has over 50 years combined experience designing thermal management solutions for aerospace and defence applications. In those careers they have worked on significant defence and aerospace projects for well-known industry suppliers. We are currently working on a number of defence and aerospace related projects.

We know first hand the challenges our aerospace and defence customers face and are committed to finding high reliability, practical, deliverable solutions to these problems. Contact us to find out how Versarien can help solve your defence and aerospace thermal management issues confidentially and professionally.

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