Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers

The basic design of a liquid to liquid heat exchanger has not changed much over the last few years due to its relatively low cost to produce for a wide range of applications. In essence, it
has contrary flows of liquid running over thin metal plates designed to fit the available space.

With the development of its copper foams, Versarien Technologies is able to deploy a game-changing technology suited to demands of efficient liquid to liquid heat transfer to achieve either heating or cooling.

Liquid to liquid heat exchangers for heating and cooling

A heat exchanger is most commonly found in central heating applications where the closed hot circuit heats the mains supply to then be drawn off or circulated around the radiator system. But liquid to liquid cooling is now found in a wide range of applications within the transport, automotive, industrial and leisure sectors.

With increasing energy awareness, there is a drive to reduce the operating temperature of heated liquid and to make the transferring material more efficient so that it can make best use of the heat provided.

VersarienCu as a copper foam is just such a material, when correctly deployed, to maximise the heat transfer and reduce the pressure drop. It is ideally suited for air and ground source heat pumps systems The efficient transfer of heat from one liquid to another using VersarienCu means that it can also be deployed for cooling purposes including those where either or both liquids is not water.

Next step

Given the variation in fluid and the potential package size available, liquid to liquid solutions need to be individually designed and tested to ensure optimum efficiency and cost. Please
contact our information team to discuss your potential application.

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