Thermal design considerations are critically important to modern microscopy from high powered SEM and TEM technologies in electron microscopes to the evolving optical microscopes with temperature controlled stages and increasingly complex electronics. Given the complex environment of microscopy, thermal management efficiency alone is not the sole crucial issue.

Issues of Thermal Management Performance in Microscopy

Noise and vibration reduction are key elements of thermal design for microscopy. Forced convection and fans can cause low level vibrations and create unstable platforms thus affecting image quality.

Low profile and natural convection cooling is often the only method available to effectively cool electronic components in this sector. Optimised heat sink designs are therefore hugely important to maintaining efficient cooling and avoiding vibrations.

Within the vacuum of a TEM or SEM microscope conduction and radiation are the only modes of heat transfer available to cool high temperature components. VersarienCu’s large surface area and the thermal conductivity of copper make it a perfect choice to cool components within the vacuum. Equally, the material lends itself to high performance liquid cooling options.

Next Steps

Whether you are trying to cool high powered lasers or electronics, Versarien Technologies can offer custom solutions to meet your specific requirements without compromising on the effectiveness of the microscopy equipment. Contact us for more information.

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