Automotive & Transportation

As transportation systems are constantly evolving, so does the requirement for cooling and energy recovery systems within them.

In the automotive sector there is a significant market drive towards electric and hybrid electric vehicles. This brings with it a host of power electronics, control electronics and fuel cells that require thermal management using both existing vehicle cooling technology as well as newly developed application specific systems.

Maximising Automotive Efficiency

With increasing government regulations driving energy efficiency in vehicles of the future, manufacturers are seeking more efficient and light weight cooling solutions as well as incorporating energy recovery to maximise vehicle efficiency.

Versarien Technologies has a number of on-going projects with F1, automotive and transportation companies to realise more efficient heat exchangers and cooling products. These cover a wide range of automotive applications from drive train to headlamps, fuel cells to heat recovery. For each VersarienCu’s unique properties can help solve some of the most demanding challenges when the other design issues are considered and a bespoke optimised solution created.

Our dedicated team of thermal management specialists, material scientists and mechanical engineers are on hand to help develop custom solutions for integrating metal foams into your products and supply chain. We will then work with you to ensure that the design meets all the health and safety and quality standards for effective deployment in production.

Contact us today for more details on the challenges we’re able to overcome in thermal management and lightweight materials that might be applicable to your needs.

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