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Liquid Cooling

VersarienCu’s enormous surface area and high thermal conductivity make it the ideal choice for use in pumped liquid cooling applications. Versarien has developed a number of liquid cooled solutions for a range of applications from CPU cooling in PCs and servers to power electronics in electric vehicles and other uses for IGBTs.

Balancing Thermal Performance and Pressure Drop

Our ability to tailor both the pore size and porosity of our metallic foams enables us to develop a material to suit your thermal and pressure drop requirements.

Versarien Technologies believe that increased heat transfer needn’t come at the expense of increased pumping power and our team of engineers can develop solutions using our hands on experience of metal foam technology coupled with our in house CFD capability.

VTL metallic foams can be used both at the sharp end of device coolers, but also as heat exchangers (radiators) for cooling systems or liquid to liquid heat exchangers. This versatility,
coupled with the enhanced performance of the material mean that vast improvements can be made over conventional technology and solutions.

Two Phase Liquid Cooling

VersarienCu’s interconnected porous structure makes it an ideal material for use in passive 2 phase cooling products such as heat pipes and phase change material (PCM) products. Our ability to tailor the internal structure of the material means that we can ensure maximum fluid wicking in heat pipes and thermal plates to ensure optimum heat transfer.

By incorporating VersarienCu into PCM devices such as thermal batteries, VTL can build products that can store and release thermal energy much faster and also peak reduce the cooling requirements of systems with uneven duty cycles.

VTL is working with companies in the F1, automotive and aerospace sectors to develop PCM and heat pipe products that satisfy these demanding environments and requirements for absolute performance.

Our thermal management specialists and engineers have developed and used 2 phase products for a number of applications in space, aerospace and automotive.

Next Step

For either single or two phase liquid cooling solutions Versarien Technologies welcome enquiries from customers with challenging problems to solve.

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