Product Development

At Versarien Technologies, we develop products incorporating VersarienCu copper foam for a wide range of applications and customers.

Some like our forced and unforced convection heat sinks are suitable to be launched as their own independent product range supplied through distributors against a range of thermal management needs.

Other products are bespoke, made for particular clients and subject to NDAs and delivered more on a product development consultancy basis. On bespoke projects we have worked with automotive, medical, battery, semi-conductor, hybrid vehicles, electronic control and tool manufacturers.

The product development model

Versarien is happy to be consulted at any stage of the product development model to assist in the thermal management of new and existing products. Like most companies, our preference would be to have involvement from the start, as this leads to the most cost and performance efficient solutions.

For some clients, there is the commitment from the start to complete the whole process: while for others the stages act as stop-gates or reflect the reality of when the thermal management approach has become an issue. Alternatively the process can be entirely undertaken by VTL or a truly collaborative approach combining client and VTL teams.


Our Wider Team

VTL is well established in the broader UK’s knowledge economy so that it is able to draw upon wider resources to resolve problems and exploit opportunities for the benefit of clients over suitable timescales of months or years. This includes working with established thermal design consultancies and engaging with leading and local universities to deploy advances and alternative approaches.

Versarien Technologies’ Approach

We adopt the approach you should expect from a professional organisation of a confidential discussion of the problem/opportunity to see whether we can help. If we can’t, we will tell you and will try to direct you to someone who can. We would then jointly scope out what is required into a fully costed and scheduled proposal. For an initial confidential discussion please call our MD Anthony Cooper on 01594 888 622 or use our contact form.

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