In the electronic and web-enabled world, most companies are now highly dependent on the use of routers, wifi, telecoms and servers to enable their employees to communicate effectively and work productively. Today’s businesses operate in a connected world functioning 24/7, designed for ease of end user operation and portability rather than for optimising corporate thermal management.

Dispersed ambient devices

While each user device now holds substantially more computing power, so the thermal load has increased in the supporting devices. These now operate more commonly at ambient temperatures rather than air conditioned environments. This increases the challenge of managing high heat density equipment in general environments co-located with staff.

Often to maintain consistent operating temperatures, the units require forced air cooling using fans. This increases issues of noise and dust fouling when coupled with the trend to smaller footprints in general office settings rather than dedicated controlled space.

The challenges VTL takes on for equipment manufacturers and thermal designers is to create enterprise thermal management solutions using heat sinks or liquid cooling, which occupy a small area, but are able to cope with the heat generated quietly and effectively by applying the benefits of VersarienCu.

Controlled concentrated equipment

High performance computing, telecoms switches, data mining or general data centres still typically require a more controlled environment in which to operate where equipment-cooling and room-cooling act in sync. Liquid cooling is already deployed given its significant advantage over air cooling (forced or unforced) for some of these applications, because it is not only more efficient in cooling but quieter with fewer fans.

For those applications where the thermal management issues are created by scale, the use of VTL products may create a performance gain by increasing the cooling capacity or provide the performance edge by reducing the size or weight of comparable cooling solutions.

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