Versarien Technologies Passive air-cooled heat sinksVersarien Technologies has launched a brand new range of 10 Low Profile Air Cooled Heat Sinks using the incredible new material VersarienCu™.

  • This is the first ‘off the shelf’ thermal management solution released by Versarien Technologies and offers unparalleled performance in low profile applications for passive cooling environments.
  • It builds upon a number of customer-specific and Innovate-UK product development projects which have enabled a range of applied testing programmes.
  • Versarien Technologies’ range of heat sinks, created under its exclusive licence to manufacture microporous copper foam, dramatically improves the thermal management of components.

The large surface area created by the interconnected pores of the VersarienCu™ foam coupled with the excellent thermal conductivity of copper allows either for the height of the heat sinks to be reduced; or improved thermal performance in the same physical envelope.

The Patented Science

VersarienCu™ is the result of innovative metallurgy research performed at the University of Liverpool’s Department of Engineering. It allows the creation of metallic materials with fine, open, interconnected pores which emulate structures commonly found in nature. This unique structure promotes thermal transfer levels that surpass anything that was previously possible.

For further performance gains, the copper foam is coated with a thin, hard layer of high temperature copper oxide. This improves the emissivity of the foam to increase its radiant properties and reduces the temperature of the component. Testing shows that these heat sinks can outperform their comparable competitors by up to 6ºC/W, making this new range a major breakthrough in thermal management.

Thermal Management Applications

This range is designed for use in passive cooling applications where space is at a premium and performance is crucial. VersarienCu™ heat sinks can be used to cool any Integrated Circuit component. Applications include:

  • Power integrated circuits, high temperature components and transistors
  • Set top boxes, AP routers, cable modem and broadband
  • Optical Networks and LED TV and flat panel displays

Wide range of benefits

Versarien Technologies low profile heat sinks will create overall cost savings for electronics customers globally with their proven ability to outperform competitors in applications where space is at a premium.

The products are competitively priced and the improved thermal management capabilities over traditional heat sinks have already resulted in significant interest from large scale users, who are looking for more reliability and functionality for their electronic components.

VersarienCu™ reduces the potential size requirement of individual components due to increased thermal efficiency up to 6ºC/W cooler. Where space has traditionally been at a premium the metallic foam now allows for a reduced footprint.

Designers are excited to understand how Versarien Technologies’ products can help them improve upon the limitations of previous designs. The increased thermal efficiency of the copper foam on the component can allow for a cooling fan to be removed from products and has the additional major benefit of increasing the life of a component by reducing overheating.

Versarien Technologies

Versarien Technologies develops solutions in advanced materials to enable engineering exploitation of thermal management solutions. The range of 10 low profile air cooled heat sinks are the first large scale production process it has released from its factory in Gloucestershire.

The company also offers custom consultancy and development contracts to address specific thermal management challenges within industry. Please contact us for more information on how we can solve your thermal management problems.